User Testing? We can cover that. A Persona or two? No problem. We offer the full scope of user research and UX testing services for our clients.

The right UX procedure at the right time.

We offer user research, UX testing, and product evaluation solutions for every stage of the design and development process


If you’ve worked with partners to collect user data on your site or product, or you’ve built in your own telemetry but now aren’t sure how to filter through the piles of numbers to identify what matters to your design and development teams, GUR’s team has the quantitative and analytics background to make sense of the chaos and distill down your data into a few key actionable insights to help you understand what’s going on and how to user.

Ethonographic Research

Understanding your users, the places and situations where they live and work, the way they understand the world, and the unique challenges and opportunities they encounter every day is vital in helping you understand what they need from your product. Methods like card sorting, tree testing, ethnographic interviews, cognitive task analysis, and contextual inquiry allow GUR to help you take user focus to the next level.

Expert and Heuristic Evaluation

When rapid turnaround is of the essence, or if you’re not quite ready to show your product or idea to the public, expert evaluators at GUR can provide you with rapid, detailed, and practical feedback on your specific product, website, app, or game to support your development efforts. This technique can be used very early in development with mockups and wireframes, and is both the least expensive and fastest type of UX procedure to complete.

Qualitative User Experience Studies

When you need to understand how your users see your product when you aren’t there to guide them, qualitative user studies are an excellent choice to identify friction points and explore solutions to UX challenges. This type of study is performed with a focused sample of participants (between 8-10), and is best used to develop core interaction insights and explore the ways in which actual users experience the product.

Quantitative UX Studies

When you need to validate your design assumptions or verify that your product is meeting your UX goals, quantitative UX studies can provide the detailed feedback and peace of mindThis type of study is performed with a larger number of participants (usually 20-40), and provides quantitative, actionable answers to research questions and supports benchmarking product performance against competitor products or previous builds.