About GUR

Games User Research prides itself in fast and effective service.


Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Founded by a University Professor in 2014, Game User Research, Inc. is an organization with a mission – to provide world class user research and UX testing services to clients of all sizes and budgets, while helping the next generation of UX researchers to hone their skills and knowledge to help build a stronger User Research and UX community worldwide.

Our organization began as a way to provide UX testing services to developers while helping recent graduates from top design and research schools to grow their careers in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Operating out of state-of-the-art UX testing facilities in Orlando, Game User Research developed a worldwide client list including defense contractors, major educational publishing houses, and AAA video game studios.

In 2019, GUR expanded operations to offer a wider range of services to new markets in the Northeast US, and forged a partnership with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology to support remote and onsite testing processes at a new lab in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Today we offer carefully supervised internships to qualified and talented undergraduate and graduate students from universities around the country.

We help develop young User Research professionals and growing the talent base that serves the interactive media community in the US and around the world.


Every project we work on is overseen by experienced research and testing professionals with MS and PhD degrees in design, development, and research.


Interns work hand-in-hand with our professional researchers, ensuring that GUR delivers accurate and actionable insights to our users on every project, every time.


GUR was founded to support professional product development teams with the expertise and resources of university UX researchers,

UX Workspaces

User Experience Centers, often referred to as UX Labs, are specialized testing facilities where products, services, and software are tested to see if they are appealing and can be used safely, efficiently, and effectively by potential users and customers.

About the UX Center

A UX center brings products under development from real-world clients in industry, government, and other areas into a lab setting, where various market and usability testing procedures are conducted. This helps to ensure that a client’s products will not only launch successfully, but also meet the needs of its users, customers, and other stakeholders.