Game User Research

Fast, accurate, and reliable user research and UX testing services.

Designers should always keep their users in mind.
Let us help you do that.

From conceptualization to
post-release analysis, we can assess the appeal, accessibility, learnability, usability, and quality of your product’s user experience.

We offer user research, UX testing, and product evaluation solutions for every stage of the design and development process.

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We offer professional user experience and user testing services to deliver actionable insights into how people understand and use your app, website, or game.


GUR’s team has the quantitative and analytics background to make sense of the chaos and distill down your data into a few key actionable insights.

Expert and Heuristic Evaluation

Rapid, detailed, and practical feedback on your specific product, website, app, or game to support your development efforts.

Qualitative UX Studies

Qualitative user studies are an excellent choice to identify friction points and explore solutions to UX challenges.

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